Vartan Markarian

Virtual rooms


ARTEFACT: CHOrnobyl 34 residence 2020.

The work “Expanse” is a metaphorical view of the ecological catastrophe, a call for conscious consumption of resources. In the future, everything can be repeated if we do not draw conclusions, because we still hear and feel the echoes of the tragedy. Scorched earth, abandoned homes, feelings of loneliness, and the surrounding emptiness. In a short moment there was a forced eviction. The Chernobyl disaster. The city remained alive only in the hearts, as memories of the past. The remnants of human civilization of the city of Pripyat are gradually dissolving, nature is gaining space back, houses are sprouting trees, mimicking the environment, creating landscapes, the post of humanity, a new world, the world of primitive nature. At the same time, each oasis is impregnated with toxic isotopes, followed by unbridled human activity. Without a dosimeter, it is impossible to feel how destructive the impact can be on humanity. What awaits us gene or physical mutations? Nature quietly dissolves the whole environment, humanity has not been able to coexist organically with space.


NVAIR 2020 – International virtual exchange program of art residences
Germany – Ukraine

Are we free in our choice of desires, or are these sometimes imposed things? Today man does not belong to himself, although we find ourselves free and independent. Social networks have access to our preferences, photos, travel routes, time statistics of our stay in different places. Using and imposing on us a product of commercial benefit for various companies. We just have to think about something, advertising immediately begins to haunt us. Our dependence on online social activity can sometimes turn against us by manipulating our data and presenting us with information that may not be true.





Group exhibition NVAIR 2020 Ukraine – Germany
International program of virtual exchange of art residencies.

curator Liudmyla Nychai

The theme – a general framework for the project – was an inverse message, a hint at the performance of Marina Abramovich «In the presence of the artist» – «In the absence of the artist» / «Artist is absent». it is an INTEGRAL component of our programs.
In the middle of 4 empty chairs is an image from the real central workshop of the Residence. An additional advantage in the virtual space is the difficult mobility, only regular users can feel comfortable there. There are 4 corridors in the central gallery, which lead to isolated halls with projects of individual artists. In general, the room is a virtual image of the real situation in quarantine as a whole.