Vartan Markarian

Just a whisper


Video installation

The system of communications and other benefits of civilization, which was conceived for the convenience of man, but came out of his control and began to live his life. The city absorbs the person, leaving only a silhouette after it – as a reminder of presence. After all, man runs into the forest, but there he encounters a new problem of dealing with his self, overcoming (rather than revealing) his own essence. Forest is a place of all kinds of dangers, subordinated to spirits and demons, a traditional place for our understanding where we can get lost. Every fallen branch, constipation is a vital obstacle, deprivation of internal and physical freedom. The only solution to overcome the problems is to feel like a hero of a fairy tale, to go through moments of responsibility and imprisonment … a person must live fully with all ambivalent feelings, cross obstacles and finally achieve a happy accomplishment, initiation. Only after finding your own “I” can overcome “walls” and “smoke”, discover the beauty, love the modern horizon.