Vartan Markarian



Expanse is a metaphorical view of the ecological catastrophe in Chornobyl, a call to conscious consumption of resources. The remnants of human civilization of the city of Pripyat are gradually dissolving.Nature quietly dissolves the whole environment, humanity has not been able to coexist in harmony with the world. 

4k, 00:01:37, 60 fps Music by Maria Markarian-Shestakova


Wizardry hunting↑

This work is a continuation of my graphic series Silent Hunting, which I have been working on since 2020. The Wizardry hunting space was created in an VR art program and video recorded.The work is devoted to the ecology and conservation of forests,this is a fantasy about the nature of the future.The night is the time when the forest can be seen in all its glory. Whirlwinds rage between its stems, battles are played out,a new world is being created.

1920х1080, 30 fps, 1110 frames, authors music.



One thing gives rise to another, a chain of events.

2160х2160, 60 fps, 00:00:24, h264.



Dark planet↑

a:pART – audiovisual collaboration. Berlin-Poltava

The visual material was created in Virtual Reality using an Oculus Quest VR helmet. Initial playback video gives way to live VR Cam Capture in Poltava, where VARTAN MARKARIAN uses the Tilt Brush programme to paint and alter his dystopian landscape in real time. In Berlin, STACY.O provides a live electronic musical accompaniment on his Prophet ’08 synthesizer. With camera shots panning between the performance spaces in both cities and the live capture from Vartan’s headset, DARK PLANET conjures a thrilling and disorienting experience of triality. The performance serves as both a warning and explicit critique of an anthropocentric logic which accelerates the exploitation of resources and implies the total destruction of ecosystems that are not of economic value. Mankind has ventured into the status of a biocenotic aggressor – an adventive species adapting and exploiting his environment to serve his own needs. The burning wastelands of DARK PLANET are the corollary of this hubris. But this collaborative work by VARTAN MARKARIAN and STACY.O ends on a cautiously optimistic note, suggesting the possibility of palingenesis. For that we must rekindle our ties with the environment we inhabit and find harmony within ourselves as a species and with the wider world. DARK PLANET is one of seven performances that took place during the hybrid project a:part–Berlin-Poltava. a:part showcases the collaborative work of young German and Ukrainian-based artists, who have performed together live, but are yet to meet in person.

Music by STACY.O – Tidiane Cacique


Silent hunting↑

PLAN B fest. Ukraine.


In the stream of time, matter is born, stepping through chaos.

2000х2000, 30 fps, 00:23:10, h264.




Danger is looking for a fairy tale.

In my works, I often depict the forest as a metaphor.The forest is a place of all kinds of danger, subject to spirits and demons, a traditional place where you can get lost.Lost in the forest are the little heroes of many fairy tales, who have to go through many trials on their way to initiation.The only solution to how to overcome problems is to feel like a hero of a fairy tale.

The space is created in VR art program, video recorded.
2048×1152, 30 fps, 1740 frames, 58 sec.



Forest lightning↓

Natural phenomena in the form of lightning evoke an ambivalent sense of delight and danger. In one second, beauty turns into a destructive force.

2000х2000, 30 fps, 00:11:14, h264.



VR, AR made on Hackathon – VR Art Festival.2019
Vartan Markarian and Dmytro Syharev

When you work with the technique of the “future” and dive into VR, there is a desire to bring the viewer into the world of magic, fantasy, unreality. I want to look a little in the future together. Spaces are now filled with various symbols and signs,
information that does not allow us to dissolve in nature, to feel alone, the primordial man. On each square meter there
are pedestals perpetuated by idols of “eras”. Sometimes they contrast with each other to the point of absurdity. Yes, I
agree, this is history, but it may be her place in museums where she will be shocked by hyperbolization or, conversely,
admire her sophistication. The parks are now green islands – oases, places where we run away from the “maze of walls”. So I decided to concentrate all my attention on Medusa objects created using VR and embodied in space as art objects in AR
that make us dream. It is not completely clear who they are: the inhabitants of this pond, the park, or it’s a digitized past, and perhaps our “fabrication” of a rethinking world.
Objects in AR can be viewed through the downloaded application, in the Gorky Park (fountain) in Kharkiv. Ukraine



The journey on Earth.
The jump.
Later. ↓

VR work in the residence of Blockchain Art Hackahon 2.0
Vartan Markarian and Yaroslav Leonets

In our project, we portrayed the recursion of artificial intelligence in the future, he digitized the world, made a perfect copy – a matrix. We depicted artificial intelligence using the metaphor of an aspen nest, where each wasp is a beam of light – a block of information of the digitized world, and the nest is a monastery.
Artificial intelligence recreates an environment around itself, namely by biomimetic means.
We want to show how the future can be near, to show its consequences. We note that artificial intelligence can take an integral part of our lives. All the video was filmed as if from the first person, while working on the montage of the video, we said “he is flying”, “he is running” but did not realize who it is. At the end it dawned on us that “he” is a virus that is trying to get into the matrix and take possession of it. But in the end the virus dies …