Vartan Markarian



VR, AR made on Hackathon – VR Art Festival.2019
Vartan Markarian and Dmytro Syharev

When you work with the technique of the “future” and dive into VR, there is a desire to bring the viewer into the world of magic, fantasy, unreality. I want to look a little in the future together. Spaces are now filled with various symbols and signs,
information that does not allow us to dissolve in nature, to feel alone, the primordial man. On each square meter there
are pedestals perpetuated by idols of “eras”. Sometimes they contrast with each other to the point of absurdity. Yes, I
agree, this is history, but it may be her place in museums where she will be shocked by hyperbolization or, conversely,
admire her sophistication. The parks are now green islands – oases, places where we run away from the “maze of walls”. So I decided to concentrate all my attention on Medusa objects created using VR and embodied in space as art objects in AR
that make us dream. It is not completely clear who they are: the inhabitants of this pond, the park, or it’s a digitized past, and perhaps our “fabrication” of a rethinking world.
Objects in AR can be viewed through the downloaded application, in the Gorky Park (fountain) in Kharkiv. Ukraine

The journey on Earth.
The jump.
Later. ↓

VR work in the residence of Blockchain Art Hackahon 2.0
Vartan Markarian and Yaroslav Leonets

In our project, we portrayed the recursion of artificial intelligence in the future, he digitized the world, made a perfect copy – a matrix. We depicted artificial intelligence using the metaphor of an aspen nest, where each wasp is a beam of light – a block of information of the digitized world, and the nest is a monastery.
Artificial intelligence recreates an environment around itself, namely by biomimetic means.
We want to show how the future can be near, to show its consequences. We note that artificial intelligence can take an integral part of our lives. All the video was filmed as if from the first person, while working on the montage of the video, we said “he is flying”, “he is running” but did not realize who it is. At the end it dawned on us that “he” is a virus that is trying to get into the matrix and take possession of it. But in the end the virus dies …