Vartan Markarian



Vartan Markarian (1991) is an interdisciplinary artist from Poltava, Ukraine, whose practiceis based on work with painting, graphics, installation, video, VR. Explores man in the urban industrial environment. He is currently interested in statements about posthumanism, paying special attention to the problems of war, emigration, ecology and the synergy of all these concepts in the context of modern positions. “I believe that these topics have a dynamic nature of interaction and a certain specificity of consequences. One event gives rise to another. The chain of needs for resources, territories, dictates an aggressive policy, which in turn is sprayed with a poisonous mixture of total war.”
Vartan often works with different media, believes that each topic has a characteristic material and only it can fully convey the essence, form, emphasize the idea, focus on yourself, from it depends on how accurately the information will be read by the viewer. “The ability to combine different tools opens up many possibilities: to fantasize, to reflect through artistic language, to see what is happening around us now, to look into the future, to create a new reality.”


Personal exhibitions

2019 – Bunkermuz gallery personal exhibition “Wandering Only Whispers”. Ukraine. Ternopil
2019 – Personal exhibition “Danger looking for a fairy tale” Center of contemporary art JUMP. Ukraine.Poltava.
2018 – Personal Exhibition “City Identification” AVS -art gallery. Ukraine, Kyiv
2017 – Personal exhibition, series “Smoke part 2”, Sklo gallery. Ukraine, Kyiv
2016 – Personal exhibition, series “URBAN”, Poltava Art Gallery (Nikolai Yaroshenko Art Museum), Poltava.Ukraine
2016 – Personal exhibition, series “Smoke”, Center of contemporary art JUMP.

Сollective exhibition

2020 – PLAN B fest. Ukraine. Online
2020 – ARS Electronica Festival American Art Incubator – project «VirtualPolitik». Austria
2020 – Immunity project. Museum of Contemporary Ukrainian Art of the Korsaks. Ukraine. Lutsk.
2020 – The environment of existence. Manifesto 2020. Lavra Art Gallery. Kyiv. Ukraine.
2019 – Biennale of Contemporary Art «Bread». Hlebzawod. Kyiv. Ukraine.
2019 – Art project Genesis . Dancing House gallery. Prague. Czech Republic.
2019 – Frontier – VR Art Festival. Ukraine. Kyiv. M17 Contemporary art center.
2019 – «Waves of reality or excitement in Travneve» exhibition of the results of the Art residence
Nazar Voitovych, Modern Art Research Institute of Ukraine. Kiev.
2019 – Participant of the project «417 Erorr. Expactation Failed». Nikolai Yaroshenko Art Museum. Poltava. Ukraine 2018 – Participant of the project «Without Three Steps Genesis» project at Palazzo Velli Expo. Italy. Rome
2017 – Participant of the project» Fixing the Impossible». Modern Art Research Institute of Ukrainian Academy of Arts and National Taras Shevchenko Museum. Ukraine. Kyiv.
2017 – Finalist of «Art-Battle», gallery «White World». Ukraine, Kyiv
2017 – Participant of the project «White on the White» Center of contemporary art JUMP. Ukraine. Poltava.
2017 – Participant of the project Art Autumn contemporary. Center of Contemporary Art – M17.Ukraina. Kyiv

Residences, symposiums

2021 – V-Art Digital Art therapy Studio. Kyiv. Ukraine
2020 – American Arts Incubator – IZOLYATSIA. Kyiv.Ukriane.
2020 – ARTEFACT: CHOrnobyl 34. Kyiv. Ukraine.
2020 – Two roots – an artistic research. Germany, Ukraine.
2020 – Ars Electronica Festival 2020 – In Kepler’s Gardens. Mozilla hubs. Online.
2020 – a:pART – audiovisual collaboration. Berlin-Poltava.
2020 – NVAIR 2020 – online residence of the Ukraine-Germany International Exchange Program.
2020 – International webinar from the ARTIF platform. Georgia. Tbilisi.
2020 – ARTIФ CAMP – online photo project «Under cover» – Tajikistan.
2019 – Hackathon. Frontier – VR Art Festival. Ukraine. Kharkiv.
2019 – «Aura of the City» Research Residence, Starobilsk. Ukraine
2019 – III Ukrainian Summer Program of Artistic Residence. Nazariy Voitovich. Travneve village, Ternopil.
2018 – Participant of the VR Residence of Blockchain Art Hackathon 2.0. Ukraine, Kyiv
2017 – International Symposium «Imago Anima» in Trnava. Slovakia


2018 – Scholarship of the President of Ukraine for young artists in the field of fine arts.
2016, 2017 – Scholarship of the President of Ukraine (wood carving, National Union of Masters of
folk art of Ukraine).
2015 – Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.


Solo exhibition of painting series “Smoke” in the gallery of modern art JUMP, Poltava. 2016

Vartan Markarian’s paintings are subtle, but their subtleness is best suited only for prepared viewers who perceive the very special aesthetic of modern art – its aesthetic from the opposite. Important is not what’s on the canvas, but how; not the outer beauty, but the importance within.

Excerpt from the article on by Victoria Burlaka